Incorporating a Fabricator into Your Production Process

A quality fabrication partner will have the expertise necessary for any industry requiring fabrication. Although many assembly shops assume they can complete the fabrication components of their product in-house, incorporating a fabricator will give your product a competitive edge. When it comes to metal fabrication, there is no match for utilizing an expert.

Close up of heavy metal fabricator welding on a project.

Using a Fabricator as an Extension of Your Production Process

Look at partnering with a fabricator as an extension of your production process. They can take the fabrication steps to the next level by incorporating their expertise into your assembly. Your product can be shipped to the fabricator, the fabrication stage can be completed by the experts, and then shipped back to you for the next steps or delivered to the end customer. This fabrication partnership can include mounting plates or brackets, painting or powder coating, or bolting on fabricated options. All of these fabrication options can help customize your product and help you stand out to your customers.

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Benefits of Incorporating a Fabricator into Production

There are many benefits to incorporating a fabricator into your production process. By doing so, you eliminate the need to employ fabricators in-house. By outsourcing the fabrication piece of your production, you will be able to focus your workforce and redirect valuable resources towards strengthening the tasks you and your team do best. Your company can remain lean and concentrate on your core expertise needed for your specific products and builds. In addition, your shop will be able to easily manage fluctuations in demand when you outsource to a reliable partner. An in-house fabricator can easily become overwhelmed during periods of high demand, but outsourcing fabrication can manage periods of high demand without overwhelming your resources. The greatest benefit is that you know you have the quality and consistency of an experienced fabricator to handle that specific portion of your build.

Finding a Fabricator with a Diverse Offering of Services

Not every fabrication shop is created equal and specific industries have specific needs when considering who to partner with. It’s important to find a fabricator with a diverse portfolio of previous projects and a highly skilled team of experts who can complete your request under one roof. When you outsource your project to a fabrication shop, you want to make sure that your project remains in the shop to reduce any delays in turnaround time or downgrades in quality. 

You’re already outsourcing part of the process, and that can come with some unintended challenges in and of itself. If you’re outsourcing to a shop that has to outsource a portion of what you are relying on them to complete, you increase the opportunities for someone to drop the ball. Look for a fabrication partner who has all the capabilities you need to finish the job in one stop. This will streamline your overall process, and that can make a big difference in the outcome of your next build.

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In addition to experienced fabrication experts, a shop that has CWIs in house shows they have made the investment to be the best in their field. Everything they do adheres to the requirements necessary before, during, and after the fabrication portion of the project is completed. 

Finding a turnkey fabrication shop that can become an extension of your talented team and meet your industry needs is a smart way to optimize your production process. Allow the experts to take care of the fabrication work on your next project. Finding comprehensive fabrication services at a competitive price will allow your products to get ahead of your competitors. With Swanton Welding Company, you can create a working partnership built on quality products led by exceptional capabilities. Let’s talk about your fabrication needs today.