Choosing a Steel Fabricator with Diverse Capabilities

When you are considering a fabricator to partner with, you may feel wooed by companies offering specialty skills. However, choosing a fabricator with diverse capabilities is usually the smarter choice for a multitude of reasons. When outsourcing, you can increase quality and reduce costs by choosing a fabricator with diverse capabilities.

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Why Specialists aren’t Always the Right Choice for Fabrications

Working with a specialist is great for a one-dimensional project, but most fabrications are not one-dimensional. In most cases, your projects will require different specialists for different parts of the project. If you choose a true specialist to partner with, this means you will need to contract several different specialists to handle each different aspect of the build. This makes management of the project considerably more difficult. Each contractor you add to the project also adds increased timelines and expenses, and a possible decrease in the overall quality level of the project.

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A Diverse Fabricator Can Handle Your Entire Process

A diverse fabricator is a much better choice for your project. They are able to handle the entire project from beginning to end, which will likely include:

· Engineering Design

A diverse fabricator has engineers on site to guide your project from concept to completion, including industrial fabrication, mechanical design, autoCAD, LT packages, material handling, prototype design, and complex fabrication and assembly.

· Welding Capabilities-double check this stuff

A diverse fabricator has welding capabilities in-house to give your project the durability you expect when outsourcing your project. AWS D1.1 certified welders capable of working with steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and bronze are an invaluable asset to have. The welding capabilities include hardfacing, tool and die, flux-cored arc welding (FCAW), gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), and shielded metal arc welding (SMAW). They will have multiple welding machines and in-house CWI.

· Forming

A diverse fabricator will have the equipment and machinery to handle your project from start to finish under one roof.

· Additional Services

A diverse fabricator can also provide additional services as well, including laser and water cutting, in-house machining, sandblasting, and painting.

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The Right Partner Will Have Diverse Experience

While there is something to be said for a specialist with experience in a specific niche, a diverse fabricator will have the right mix of experience to carry your project from beginning to end. Consider how long the company has been in business and how much experience each of the craftsmen has for each part of your project. Look for a company who has done projects similar to the one you are doing who has a reputation for getting the job done right.

A Company You Can Communicate With

Outsourcing your project means that you will need a partner you can communicate with throughout the process. From timelines, to budget, to testing expectations, the fabricator you choose will work with you throughout the process, and good communication is key to a successful project.

Diverse companies can provide a comprehensive range of fabrication and machining services. A diverse company can handle your project from beginning to end and get it done on time and on budget. When looking to outsource, consider Swanton Welding Company. We’ve been providing diverse capabilities to our customers for decades, and our success is evident in our global reputation. Contact our team to learn more about what a partnership with us can mean to your next project.

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