Metal Rolling With Precision: Why It Should Matter To You

metall-rolling.jpgMetal Rolling, the process of reducing and unifying the thickness of metal, is an art form. Although the work is done with the help of highly specialized machines, the task is still a multi-step process that requires skill, dexterity, and forethought from the operators. With the right combination of equipment, skill, and metal materials, a boundless list of highly adaptable and superior products can be created and used.

Not All Rolled Metal is Created Equally

In the metal fabrication industry, plate rolling is an incredibly important aspect of a complex process. It’s also a science. Although most rolled metal will naturally have some minor imperfections and surface defects due to metal impurities, great machine operators will be able to transform nearly any metal plate into highly functional pieces that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Optimum plate rolling outcomes require:

  1. Experienced roll operators. Skilled tradesmen should have a comprehensive knowledge about metals, rolling techniques, and preventative measures in order to avoid mistakes (or correct them in the event they do occur). This skill level is acquired through years of industry experience working with teams of fabricators in a collaborative effort for success.
  2. Top-of-the-line machines in the industry. When researching potential metal fabricators for a project, take time to learn about their machine capabilities, and how effective these machines are concerning the type of work needing to be completed. Not all machines are created equally. This is true for metal rolling, too. Some machines, like Parmigiani’s 4-Roll Bending Machine, perform at a higher level of precision when compared to similar tools. This means that rolled metal is produced with greater ease and speed, saving companies both time and money.

Why Isn’t ‘Good Enough’ Good Enough?

parmi-rollers.jpgA common mistake that industrial and commercial contractors and companies make is in believing that “okay” will be just fine. The thought of saving a little money on a project unfortunately eclipses the importance of quality craftsmanship, expertise, and exceptional production. But the truth is, metal rolling is one of the most important steps of metal fabrication. If it isn’t completed to the highest of standards, serious defects such as cracks, cavities, waves or warping could result; this could affect the overall structural integrity and dependability of any finished product. Whether the job involves steel beams, farm silos, roller coaster tracks, or anything in between, you depend on your finished products to be fully functioning, safe, and reliable every time. Any potential liability associated with defective metalwork is not worth the risk.

Lower-end metal rolling machines may be able to get the metal sheets rolled and formed adequately, but beware, the end product may end up being less that perfect. When the rolls themselves are constructed of poorer quality materials, this can ultimately affect their strength and durability. This will, in turn, affect the end product that is put out. Defective rollers will produce metal sheets that have uneven thicknesses (known as the hourglass effect or barrel effect). These uneven thicknesses mean that manufactured products may be unable to meet project specifications, or withstand the pressures necessary to meet safety standards. Having to go back after the fact to make the necessary changes can be extremely costly, both in terms of meeting time deadlines and budgetary restrictions. Nobody has the time to deal with that!

At Swanton Welding Company, our highly skilled welders, machine operators and engineers have been dedicated to providing customers from coast to coast with the highest quality custom metal fabrication for 60 years. From top quality equipment to the best-of-the-best operating it, Swanton Welding Company is committed to becoming one of the most diversified metal fabricators in the nation. From metal rolling to finishing, and everything in between, we guarantee on-time delivery and exceptional service for all our clients. To learn more about our metal rolling services or our extensive metal fabrication capabilities, simply call 419-826-4816 today.

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