Swanton Welding Services Clients from Coast to Coast

When you have a construction or remodeling project, no matter the size, you need to find an experienced, reliable metal fabrication and welding shop that can meet your needs. Metal fabrication and assembly is a crucial part of many construction projects, and the partner you choose will influence whether or not your project is a success. Swanton Welding Company is highly skilled and proud to be able to serve clients from coast to coast and beyond.


Swanton Welding Company: Who We Are and Who We Serve

At Swanton, we specialize in heavy and custom steel fabrication projects, as well as the production of steel and other structural materials. Swanton Welding is proud to have solutions available for custom fabrication projects as well as any other tasks related to metal work. 

Our Southeast facility in Griffin, Georgia offers custom fabrication services as well as specialty services, such as robotic welding and Trumpf lasering. Our close proximity to southern ports allow us to meet the fabrication needs of clients all over the world. 

Our flagship facility is located in Swanton, Ohio. This shop has highly specialized, high-quality, and advanced welding equipment alongside heavy fabrication machinery. This shop is proud to offer the best and most advanced welding technology which allows us to provide exceptional steel fabrication and welding services. 

Our heavy fabrication facility in Wauseon, Ohio handles the largest projects, such as heavy conveyor systems, large ductwork, railroad fabrication, clean air units, mining projects, utility projects, and more. This facility is over 37,000 square feet in size and has a crane capacity of 120 tons, making it well equipped to handle the largest projects, providing fabrication, lifting, moving, and shipping across the United States. 

Get the Swanton Weld Inside Story

Swanton Welding Company began nearly 70 years ago to serve the farming community of Ohio, and we are proud to have watched how our metal fabrication services have grown. As a family-owned business, Swanton Welding takes pride in our entire team and is proud to have a team of certified welders who enjoy ongoing professional development to stay up to date on the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. 

The Services Swanton Welding Can Provide Our Clients

Swanton Welding Company has the capacity to handle a diverse range of services that can meet every need of a construction project, eliminating the hassle of moving a project from one facility to another during fabrication. Swanton Welding Company can offer solutions to many construction and fabrication needs including:

  • Custom Welding and Fabrication Services

While all metal fabrication involves bending and cutting metal to form a structure, custom metal fabrication involves doing this to meet the exact needs of a client rather than a standard piece. Swanton has specialized and high-quality industrial equipment to meet the needs of any custom project.

  • Heavy Fabrication

Heavy fabrication involves oversized, very large components. Not every fabrication shop has the physical capacity necessary for these projects, but at Swanton Welding, we are proud to have the facilities that can handle heavy fabrication needs. Some of the heavy fabrication projects we have completed for our clients include bridges, mixing tanks, bulk storage, large ductwork, steel towers, and more.

  • Painting and Blasting

Full-service metal fabrication includes finishing processes such as painting and blasting. Our team at Swanton Welding is trained and experienced in a variety of finishing services. We offer surface preparation, painting, powder coating, blast finishing, enamel, epoxy, galvanizing, and many other protective coatings.

  • CNC Machining

Swanton Welding can handle a wide range of CNC machining projects, including facing, turning, threading, boring, drilling, and CNC hole punching. We have the ability to use the best CNC machining technology to supply precision machined parts and welds to even the most highly regulated industries.

  • Rolling and Forming

Swanton Welding Company has advanced rolling and forming equipment that can offer precise operations to generate multiple bends in metal with high accuracy and repeatability. All our operators are trained in the most advanced techniques to roll and form to your exact specifications.

Professionalism at Every Step of the Process

At Swanton Welding Company, we pride ourselves on our reputation for professionalism. We know that you invest a substantial amount of time, money, and effort into your project, and you deserve the same effort and dedication from your fabrication partner. We are committed to providing each of our clients with quality work within your timeframe. As professionals, we focus on communication throughout the entire process. 

Our project management team will make sure that we have reviewed all materials and processes with you so we are prepared for all the complexities and requirements of your project. If and when any issues arise during the project, we will communicate those concerns with you quickly, and then move our focus to working together to find the best solution that will ensure you and your team are satisfied with the end result. 

There are many fabrication and welding facilities to choose from. Finding a facility who can meet all your needs, takes pride in their reputation, invests in advancing their equipment and employees, and is professional throughout the process can make a construction project of any scale a success. To learn more about our reliable capabilities, contact Swanton Welding today.

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