Grand Opening of the N.D. Zeiter School Of Technology

N.D. Zeiter School of TechnologySwanton Welding is excited to announce their partnership with Swanton High School to open the N.D. Zeiter School of Technology.

In collaboration with Swanton High School, we created a program to provide an introduction to manufacturing, welding, and steel fabrication to students interested in exploring this field as a post-high school career path.

The school is located on Church street in Swanton, Ohio.

The goal of the N.D. Zeiter School of Technology is to provide students with a hands-on experience in the industry they would not normally get through the traditional classroom.

This will provide them an introduction to the foundations of manufacturing, welding, and steel fabrication and get them excited about all the benefits a career in this industry can provide.

N.D. Zeiter School of Technology 2Students who are currently interested in a trade career typically split their day between Swanton High School and Penta Career Center in Perrysburg, Ohio.

“We send a ton of kids to Penta Career Center,” said Jason Longbrake, Principal at Swanton High School. “It’s one of the best career tech programs in the state.”

However, this new partnership with Swanton Welding provides a neighborhood feel. “Swanton Welding is such a great resource in our community,” said Longbrake. “Our kids are getting the hands-on experience of a trade, from local experts, without having to drive 35-40 minutes.  This will help kids stay connected to the high school and our community.”Download Capability Statement

The classes are led by Swanton High School alumni Nick Nijakowski who began working at Swanton Welding during high school.

Nick quickly learned the ins and outs of the trade and worked his way through the ranks at the company.

N.D. Zeiter School of Technology 3

He is now the Certified Welding Inspector and an integral part of the Swanton Welding team.

Classes are held during school hours. Our first class began in January 2018 and has roughly 8 Swanton High School students.

“This will be advantageous for kids who don’t want to go to college. It’s not a guarantee for a job, but it helps them gain experience and a foot in the door to see if a career in welding is right for them,” Principal Longbrake said.

There are no prerequisites to attend the N.D. Zeiter School of Technology.

N.D. Zeiter School of Technology 4This is truly an introductory level class.

Students that will find the most value will:

  • Like to build things with their hands.
  • Interested in welding and steel fabrication.
  • Hard working and willing to learn.
  • Mechanically inclined.
  • Want to learn more about the manufacturing, welding, and steel fabrication trade.

“This is really exciting for Swanton High School. Swanton Welding does a lot of great things for us and the community.  It’s a great mutual relationship for us.”

For more information about the N.D. Zeiter School of Technology, please contact Swanton High School at (419) 826-3045.

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