Project Spotlight-Vertical Clarifiers with Thickeners

This project began in December of 2020 and will be delivered this month to Pasadena, TX. This project has seen many delays throughout the process due to the unique specifications and needs of the customer as part of a petrochemical project for an engineering and construction company. Vertical Clarifier Tanks separate components in liquid and require specialty materials and build practices. This project was fully built and erected outside our facility in the parking lot to accommodate the size and needs of the build. Fully assembled, the tank is 46’ long, 30’ wide and 27’ tall. Once erected, the tank was filled with 60,000 gallons of water, increasing the weight of the project to 616,000 pounds. After completion, the welds were fully inspected by third party inspectors, as was the paint.

Vertical Clarifiers with Thickeners

Several materials and methods were used in this project. All carbon steel, structural steel, bar grating, and heavy plates were used. The fabrication methods required for this build were rolling, forming, beam line, FCAW welding, shop assembly, and test fitting. For finishing, SP10 blast, caulk, and a paint system specifically designed for submerged materials were used. 

Even with the size and unique needs of this project, Swanton was able to handle the fabrication, assembly, and testing in-house and will be able to deliver the completed project within the month as an oversized ground transit load.

Vertical Clarifiers with Thickeners 2

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