Quarry Conveyor Systems Reduce Fuel Consumption


Mines and quarries thrive in moving huge volumes of material. The more rock or earth you move from the mining area to your processing plant the higher your profits. Earth movers and huge trucks are the first earth moving options. However, the fact that you have to fuel multiple engines and hire multiple drivers has an enormous impact on operational costs.

A good conveyor system will streamline production by reducing your logistics and creating a highly mobile production line that can easily accommodate new equipment or machinery on the go. Unlike trucks, your quarry conveyor will be custom to your operation, tailored to maximize on your production line’s anatomy, the topography and most importantly critical equipment that you already have in place. The result? Improved efficiency, less payrolls to process, fewer engines to fuel and more profits to reap.

This is where quarry conveyor systems come in. An elaborate conveyor belt systems that run continuously on a couple of dedicated engines will move more material at half the cost.

Why Consider Quarry Conveyor Systems

A quarry conveyor system covers a lot of ground. A single overland conveyor will serve multiple purposes as it has more than one load and offload positions. For instance, synchronized loading will allow you to deploy many excavators at different points of the quarry and still use the same conveyor system to move the material you dig up.

This will improve throughput and let you explode common production bottlenecks. If you get a conveyor system that can accommodate the improved mining speeds, you will still be able to move and process more materials hence improving overall plant production.

Fewer Operators Means Fewer Wages

With the conveyor, you will do away with drivers, truck mechanics, and fleet managers. All you need is a couple of people to oversee critical parts of the conveyor systems and manage its speed and operation. You can re-purpose or lose the extra workforce hence cutting down on maintenance costs.

While this coupled with actual fleet servicing costs is among the main factors that make conveyors so lucrative, fuel efficiency still sits at the very top of the pyramid.

Conveyors Use Less Horsepower

A conveyor belt will be moving material gradually as opposed to trucks that bear the brunt of a load at a go. If your system goes uphill and downhill, it will need less power per unit material as opposed to a truck.

With the systems designed to minimize friction and run as efficiently as possible, the amount of energy needed to keep the belt running per hour compared to the material moved within that hour gives you better figures as opposed to what you will get with a truck.

There is no rough terrain to cover, no shifting down to move the truck up the slope or to idle the engine as you wait for the excavator to load you up. The system will be moving at all time, letting it utilize momentum to keep energy consumption to the bare minimum.

Fewer Engines to Fuel

A single conveyor belt can replace a fleet of up to 50 dump trucks. That single conveyor will have fewer engines that consume less power. The number of engines will vary depending on the train, the conveyor’s carrying capacity and how much torque it needs to move the material.

Nonetheless, you will always have fewer engines to fuel and service. It is easier to keep these working at their optimum, keeping their fuel consumption low as opposed to maintaining 50 engines.

Custom Designs to Accommodate Your Terrain and Production Needs

If you order a custom conveyor system, you can have the designer incorporate your terrain and production line needs into the system. Adapting the system to the terrain will reduce the power you need to haul heavy material up steep inclines. Considering your production line will bring built-in offload sections that automatically sent the material to the right crusher or processing channel without the need for extra offloading equipment.

A conveyor belt system introduces the continued production theory to your quarry. It does away with the segmentation trucks and irons out any bottlenecks hence improving throughput. Couple this with the fact that you get all these with improved fuel efficiency and you get a robust system that will broaden your profit margins.

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