Robotic Welding in Georgia

In 2000 Swanton Welding branched out to Georgia, buying an 85,000 square foot building in Griffin. From there we have continued to expand our operation in Georgia, keeping up to date with the most innovative technologies and methods available.  Our shop in Georgia is equipped with the latest tools for laser and robotic welding, among many other high-quality resources.  Georgia industries in need of small production items or custom fabricated parts need to look no further.  Read on to find out why Swanton Welding in Georgia continually meets, and surpasses, our customer’s highest quality standards and expectations.


Mazak Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

The Mazak FMS system located in our Georgia shop includes a pneumatic load system, which precisely positions the sheets on the laser and automatically unloads them.  We program the laser cutting tasks into the computer beforehand, and while the laser is actively cutting the sheets for one job, the FMS system automatically identifies the material needed for the next job and prepares it for cutting. The Mazak FMS system is one of the reasons that our Swanton plant in Georgia is very competitive in a short turn-around time market.  Our operators are able to use twice the number of lasers at one time, and machines continue to run flawlessly when employees go on break. 

Two Mazak Hyper Turbo-X (HTX) Laser Machines

These 4000-W HTX machines have the capability of cutting aluminum, carbon, stainless, and galvanized steel.  The 4000-W laser is able to cut up to ¾ inch mild steel, and with the additional power, cutting speed is increased without forfeiting quality. 

Trumpf Lasering

Swanton Welding in Georgia uses Trumpf lasers, which are automated by Trumpf’s lift master system, improving positioning precision and enhanced process consistency.  The laser’s table measures 80” by 120” allowing for longer and wider materials than other lasers can handle.  The addition of Trumpf lasering equipment has several advantages for Swanton’s customers. 

Laser Cutting

The laser handles a diverse number of cutting jobs, including cutting tiny joints of a few micrometers on medical components, to cuts in thick steel, up to 1.25 inches.  The laser is extraordinarily accurate when cutting, and superior to other cutting methods and systems.  This cutting method requires no contact, and cut edges are clean, requiring no finishing. 

Robotic Welding

Swanton Welding in Georgia makes use of automated, programmable robots, which not only handle the part but independently perform the weld.  Our robot stations have exceptionally high repeatable exactness and extraordinary path following accuracy.  The results are unfailing, high-quality output, and efficiency for high volume, repetitive work. 

Swanton Welding has provided custom fabrications for a variety of industries, including transportation, hospitality, retail, alternative energy, utilities, mining, and oil and gas.  If you have a fabrication or welding need, contact Swanton Welding in Georgia. Our innovative technology and expert welders will provide you with a great product every time.

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