The Benefits of Sandblasting for Your Custom Metal Fabrication Project

Sandblasting projectCompleting a custom metal fabrication job is far more complex than manufacturing a regular metal part. The measurements have to be precise, and all of the procedures have to be carefully chosen (including the kind of finish that would suit the part being made). It has been found that  sandblasting offers a distinct advantage for most custom metal fabrication jobs.

What is Sandblasting?

The term sandblasting is used within the metallurgical industry to refer to the process of propelling very small pieces of material at a high speed in order to clean or etch a surface. Many types of granular material are available for the process, and each come with their own set of properties and advantages offered when used for specific types of metals.  


There are many reasons why you should use this technique for your next metal project, including:

  1. It removes mill scale, oil, and rust which have a tendency to form on the surface of the steel parts that have been freshly manufactured.
  1. The same medium can be used multiple times for the purpose of sandblasting and is thus a reusable asset. This helps bring the cost of the process down and makes it the economical choice.
  1. Many other types of harmful surface contaminants are also removed during the process. This includes dirt and oil spots, which can be in hard to reach places if you aim to remove the particles using only your hands during the metal surface cleaning process.
  1. Manually cleaning the metal surface can be a long, arduous process that requires a great deal of human effort. However, using sandblasting for this purpose can greatly speed up the entire process, and it also requires much less effort on the machine operator.
  1. It is a highly efficient method of removing old paint from the surface of the metal before applying a fresh coat of paint to the area. Not to mention the added bonus of removing any hard dirt particles that may be sticking to the metal surface before the paint job begins.
  1. There are many options available for the medium to be used in the process of sandblasting. The options can range from biodegradable substances, such as walnut shells, to specially manufactured steel grit. Therefore, you can make the choice, that is best for you, based on your personal needs and attitude toward the job.


  1. Since all of the surface oxidation is removed during the process, leaving the metal exposed and vulnerable to the moisture in the air, make sure the product is kept within a dry environment after being sandblasted.
  1. Be careful to avoid getting anything inside your eyes or other orifices while working with the small particles being used.

Thus, we see that this process offers many advantages for those looking to bring a polished sheen to their metal fabrication project. Therefore, as long as you follow all the steps in the blasting process properly and take all the necessary precautions, the technique will provide a smooth, shiny look to your custom metal work.

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