Save Money on Your Next Custom Metal Fabrication Project

Reducing the cost of your fabrication project is always an important goal, especially if you’re working on a tight budget. Custom metal fabrication can save your business time and money, especially when it comes to getting the right parts for your projects.

Welder working on a custom fabrication project.


Opting to outsource your custom metal fabrication project is cheaper than creating a state-of-the-art fabrication shop in-house and staffing it with highly-skilled and certified workers. Outsourcing means you don’t have to worry about investing in costly equipment or maintaining a workforce who can produce your materials. While outsourcing can dramatically decrease your costs in these areas, you don’t want to consider outsourcing your project to just any metal fabrication partner. Look for a turnkey shop that can handle your entire project under one roof. This will help to avoid costly errors like miscommunication, delays throughout the build, and catching errors late in production.

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Smart Design

Another way to cut costs is to eliminate anything unnecessary to the build. Work with a designer you can trust as they can identify ways to alter the product design to trim off unnecessary welds. This may include removing decorative elements on lift handles and modifying the design to provide less expensive but still valuable ways to achieve the same functions, like cutting out lifting slots for example. 

Be Prepared 

You’ve heard the phrase “time is money” and the ability to work efficiently in each step of the process will save you money and make your metal fabrication project a more enjoyable process overall. Have your final drawings ready for your fabrication partner. Final drawings from an engineering team will allow the fabrication team to better estimate the timeline and budget for your project, identify the materials needed, determine the proper equipment and methods that will be used, look for areas that can be optimized or improved, and identify any potential problems that might occur during the process. 

Full-Service Shop 

There are many benefits of a full-service fabrication shop who can see your project through from start to finish. A fabricator with the right capabilities means you’ll have easier project management, lower costs, and a shorter timeline. They’ll be able to provide a clear and accurate estimate of the time and budget required for the project, identify materials and proper equipment needed, and look for ways to optimize the project. You want a skilled project manager on site at the fab shop who will ask the right questions from the start and will be available as your point of contact every step of the way. They will ensure the project is completed with the client in mind. 

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Choose the Right Material

The quality of materials chosen for your project is an important factor. Certain materials will last longer while others will quickly degrade. Reputable vendors will take the time to explain each material and ensure the right materials are chosen for your project. Higher quality materials may cost more, but finding a vendor that’s willing to discuss why and how they use the materials can save you from excessive project costs. Compare the costs and figures given by each vendor. Keep in mind cheaper vendors might not have access to the right materials and technology needed to best suit your project. 

Pick the Right Partner 

Choosing a steel fabrication partner can be challenging. While no two fabrication projects are the same, you need a partner you can trust to take your project from design to construction. It’s important to partner with a shop who can fabricate your product based on experience and high-quality past projects. 

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To achieve the greatest project success, search for a fabrication partner capable of full-service fabrication who can handle your entire project from start to finish under one roof. One that possesses the proper welding certifications, has extensive experience, and has the equipment and capabilities needed to get the job done right. Swanton Welding has over 75 years of experience and industry knowledge. We are a highly-skilled turnkey shop capable of fabricating just about anything you need for your design. Contact us for a free quote today.