Use Structural Steel to Save the World…and Some Money

Society is constantly looking for improvements on processes and production for higher efficiency and effectiveness. Advances in the auto industry, changes in education, and nearly everything in the world of technology; these are all examples that the world is looking to optimize results while reducing costs. Our industries are driven by innovation.

“There’s a way to do it better — find it.” – Thomas Edison

steel-beams.jpgIn the world of industrial and commercial construction, the most significant factor helping to accomplish this innovation is the inclusion of structural steel building materials. There are numerous alternatives that could be considered for any construction project, but there’s only one that will allow you to help save the planet while saving you money simultaneously.

Structural Steel: A Truly Environmentally Friendly Building Option

When compared to many other structural building materials, steel is an ideal selection for those looking to reduce their footprint on a world gradually being overtaken by landfills. Listed below are just a few of the ways that structural steel is an economically sustainable option:

  • Steel is nearly 100% recyclable. Nearly all steel products are recyclable. From automobiles and appliances to steel packaging! Nearly 90% of all steel is recycled annually to be remade into other steel products, or to salvage other metals.

  • The steel manufacturing industry cares about conservation. Even steel manufacturing scraps and bi-products (such as steel dust, slags and mill sale) can be reused or recycled.  For more than 50 years, carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption have steadily been decreasing, down more than 50% compared to stats from the 1960’s.

  • Technology helps with energy efficiency. Due to industry advances and new capabilities, today, a relatively low amount of energy is needed to produce steel.

  • Environmentally friendly steel helps other industries be more eco-friendly, too. Lightweight steel construction does not have the environmental impact that other industries (such as transportation) have.

If protecting the environment is a key component to all of your best business practices, then structural steel is the most ideal material to utilize.

steel-rebar.jpgStructural Steel: Saving You Money Both Up Front, and Over Time

Every construction project comes with some restrictions. A great benefit of structural steel is that its usage comes with significant financial savings in both first-time costs and those that might accrue over a lifetime. You can be sure that your return-on-investment will stick around, as the market value of steel has continued to rise over the last 15 years.

First-Time Cost Savings

  • Pre-engineering and fabrication saves money. Traditional construction requires the majority of materials to be measured, cut, and fitted on-site. This adds significant time to project deadlines in the event that unexpected errors occur. Structural steel framing can be manufactured and prefabricated in the warehouse and then partially assembled parts can be shipped to the job site, ready for installation.  Off-site work creates the understanding that steel can be fabricated with greater precision and efficiency when compared to building materials being fabricated on site.

  • Faster project construction times saves money. When production times can be cut, project deadlines moved up, work crews can be sent home early and in the end, you save money. Due to the ease of manufacturing, fabrication and steel installation, many construction jobs ultimately require fewer man-hours in the field. In many cases, steel-framed buildings can be erected in nearly half the time of their traditional counterparts.

  • Reduced construction waste saves money. With an ever-growing list of federal regulations, the cleaning of a job site when a project is finished requires time and in turn, money. Waste products must be disposed of properly, creating an influx of time needed. Fortunately, steel scrap and waste products can be recycled or reused easily. Many communities even have programs available to help clean up this scrap quickly and efficiently.

Lifetime Cost Savings

  • piggy-bank-savings.jpgThe durability of steel saves you money over time. When properly installed, coated and sealed, steel framing components can last for a lifetime. This results in less money spent on maintenance and repairs over time.

  • The flexibility and adaptability of steel will save you money over time. As opposed to other traditional materials, steel framing can easily be added to previously erected buildings with ease, both laterally and vertically. The adaptability of steel framing components allows expansion to occur quickly and with little extra work.

  • The resiliency of structural steel is another big money-saver over the years. Steel is strong and able to withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions without being structurally compromised over time. Have true experts fabricate your steel components from start to finish to ensure they are treated and sealed properly.

The skilled craftsmen at Swanton Welding have built a nationwide reputation of exceptional steel fabrication from start to finish that won’t be beat. As an industry leader, our customers are reminded that every steel product fabricated in our shops will be fabricated with precision.

If you’re looking for a way to save time and money on your next commercial or industrial construction project, your choice is right in front of you. Contact Swanton Welding today to request a free quote as well as learn more about our complete welding and fabrication capabilities.