Swanton Welding Purchases a Second Paint Booth

Producing products of reliable quality while filling orders in a timely manner is a must for any successful welding/fabrication company. For this reason, we at Swanton Welding see a great deal of value in investing in high quality paint booths. A well-made paint booth can promote efficiency and improve consistency, allowing companies like ours to take on a broader range of jobs without sacrificing quality. Our recent purchase of a second Global Finishing Solutions Paint Booth will allow us to present even more viable options to a continually burgeoning consumer market.


How Another Paint Booth Benefits Consumers

How does the purchase of another paint booth by Swanton Welding benefit you? It allows us to guarantee both the speed and quality of every painting job we complete. To ensure that you get the most from your hard-earned dollars we have installed contained environments that encourage consistency. Controlled containment allows us to offer lower prices and higher production rates simultaneously while giving your product a dependably beautiful finish. The acquisition of a second Global Finishing Solutions Paint Booth allows use to reduce man hours significantly while also eliminating the possibility of common painting errors. It saves both our company and our clients time and money through sheer efficiency and accuracy alone.

The Global Finishing Solutions Paint Booth offers a wide variety of finishing options, each of them ideal for a different type of project. We can help you select the one that will perfectly match the requirements of your application. Here are some of the various finishes available to you when you choose Swanton Welding for your unique fabrication needs:

  • Two-part epoxies
  • Primers rich in zinc
  • Urethane top-coats
  • Industrial-grade enamels
  • Cold tars
  • And more…

A Paint Booth’s High Caliber Resume

The Global Finishing Solutions Paint Booth is a roomy booth that allows our experienced, highly-trained professionals to move about freely, giving their full attention to your product. Inside the spacious booth, convention air lifts relieve the need for excessive man-handling and encourage ease in movement. Pressure pots allow spray painting to rely on pressurized air flow to apply even layers of paint or primer in accordance with your needs.

We at Swanton Welding are determined to present you, the consumer, with the best experience possible every time out. Machines like the Global Finishing Solutions Paint Booth allow us to do exactly that. They give you a level of quality that you can rely on time and time again. Here at Swanton Welding we have the knowledge to create a product you will love and the experience to back it up, but being a dependable fabrication company is about more than knowledge, it’s about finding the right tools and equipment to bring our clients exactly the product they desire in a cost and time-efficient manner. We are proud to own a second Global Finishing Solutions Paint Booth. Call us today to see what a difference fine tools like it can make.

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