Simple & Complex Steel Platforms

Steel platforms can transform your company’s work space. Their installation can allow your workers to move more efficiently while granting them easier access to equipment and utilizing space more effectively. Rugged and durable, steel platforms are able to withstand the demands of the work site while keeping workers safe.

Custom platforms can be built to fit with your unique project needs by offering you control over features such as tread, OSHA guidelines, ergonomics, and height. Of course, the level of optimization possible depends upon the competence of the welding/fabrication company you hire to produce your platforms.


Why Install Steel Platforms?

Steel platforms can be used in a variety of industrial, warehouse, and manufacturing settings to function as conveyor systems, storage, work spaces or elevation for heavy equipment. Platforms work to provide increased flexibility. With them there is less need to lease new spaces. Platforms make it possible to use the often vast space lying above your head productively. Using vertical space that is sitting idle, platforms add a significant storage element as well as increased operations space. The space below can be, in turn, used as alternate storage and office space.

Save Money and Time on New Infrastructure

As bolt-together structures, platforms can be disassembled and relocated, allowing you to maximize space where you need the help most. The space saving aspect of platforms also translates into considerable cost savings. The cost of expanding platforms is only a fraction of that of constructing a new space. Steel platforms are a quick way to maximize existing space and sometimes double or triple the size of your work space in a way that is budget friendly.

How Platforms Are Constructed

At Swanton Welding, custom steel platforms are fabricated from durable, high strength steels. The steel is cut, riveted, drilled, assembled and welded by expert fabricators and welders through the use of hand tools and the assistance of automated cutting technology. Laser cutting leaves the steel intact and undamaged from heat and warping. The use of automation ensures that platforms are built efficiently and with a high level of dimensional accuracy and control over speed and cutting force. As the platform is constructed, additional components such as handrails, ladders and stairs can be included for full customization.

Starting with precise measurements and specifications, each component (columns, beams, steel floor) is cut to size and fabricated individually before being carefully bolted together. After the main construction is finished, the metal is blasted and painted with the use of a deluxe painted booth. The paint is applied in an controlled environment and is baked on for a smooth, quality finish.

Summary of the Reasons You Should Consider Steel Platforms

  • Worker Safety
  • Access to Vertical Space
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Workflow
  • Storage

The use of platforms can enhance your business. They are an easy way to capitalize on used space and make your workplaces even more productive and efficient. With them, there’s no longer any need to cram workers, machinery, and parts all on the base level. You control how traffic moves and how space will be used in your operations. A custom platform solution can be built to meet your needs and your specifications, provided you utilize a qualified welder/fabricator. The durability of steel, the ease of assembly, and the overall improvements in safety, productivity, and workflow make steel platforms an elegant and customizable solution for your company to consider.


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