Why Steel is Preferred for Heavy Fabricated Water Tanks

Steel water tank with staircase

Commercial water tanks need to be built to last. The materials used will be required to work at a high performance level, meet regulatory requirements set by your industry, and be a rugged and reliable tool. Although there are many options for materials when fabricating a heavy fab water tank, steel is considered the most reliable material. Steel is a high-performing material that is strong, affordable, and environmentally friendly. When you are researching material options for your commercial water tanks, steel shines as a preferred choice for many industry applications.

Steel Water Tanks are Long Lasting

Steel is among the most reliable metals to work with for heavy fabrication projects, particularly when constructing tanks to hold water. When properly fabricated and maintained, a steel water tank can last over 30 years. All steel water tanks are corrosion resistant, and when galvanized, it will also be resistant to rust with no additional requirements for coating or finishing. Steel is resistant to many environmental elements including wind, extreme temperatures, UV rays, and even fire. Steel will remain ductile no matter the temperature and will maintain that reliability for years with minimal maintenance required. 

Steel Tanks are Easily Customizable

Your tank needs to fit your needs. While many heavy fabricated water tanks are fairly standard, customization is sometimes necessary for different sites, and other mass-produced material options will not allow for much customization in the tank. Steel water tanks are often custom made to fit your exact needs and specifications. They can be adjusted for different heights, diameters, volumes, and there are many roof styles that can be used with steel construction. When you choose steel as your material, you can work with the fabrication shop to get the exact tank you need. For aesthetic purposes, steel can be painted, allowing further customization of the tank. Any quality fabrication shop will have experience with customizing steel tanks.

Steel is Affordable

Choosing an affordable material option is important to many clients. As the cost of materials goes up, the budget for your fabrication project reflects that. Everyone is feeling the squeeze, and whatever you can do to minimize the impact is appreciated all the way down the line. Steel is a great choice for heavy water tanks because it is affordable, yet meets and often exceeds all the necessary requirements for your end product. Because steel is so long-lasting, it will need replacement far less often. Steel requires far less maintenance than many other materials, which will also help your bottom line. If you can save money not only during the fabrication process, but in recurring costs on repairs and replacement down the line, it’s a win.

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Steel is Durable

Steel has a good reputation for a reason. While other materials like concrete can crack over time, this isn’t a problem with steel. Steel water tanks don’t crack. This is especially important to their durability, because cracking in other materials will not only cause leaks and tank failure over time, but bacteria can grow in the cracks, contaminating the entire contents and causing a much bigger issue than just losing water. Steel will not only help you avoid the water leaks that come from cracks, but will keep your tank free from bacterial growth and contamination, giving you confidence that your water will always be safe and sanitary no matter what the end use is. In fact, because steel does not have the hygienic concerns of other materials, several industries, such as hospitals and food processing facilities, are required to use steel for their water storage tanks. Steel has an exceptional reputation for strength, durability, and longevity, and this reputation continues to hold up year after year.

The Environmentally Friendly Choice for Fabrication

Environmental concerns are important to many industries. Steel has a far less environmental impact than other materials. Because steel is 100% recyclable, you know that you are making the right choice to reduce your carbon footprint. Most steel that is used to fabricate water tanks has already been recycled, and when the water tank eventually needs to be replaced, the steel can be recycled again. Using sustainable products is important to many industries, and knowing that steel is sustainable and will not contribute to any additional pollution in the environment can help you feel good about your choice. When you use steel, you are not only making a smart choice, but you are keeping other materials out of landfills. 

Steel is Reliable

No matter where your water tank is located, steel can stand up to the environment elements. Steel can withstand both extreme heat and extreme cold. Steel tanks are also able to withstand harsh weather and even most natural disasters. By using state of the art welding and fabrication techniques, steel can be reinforced even further, making it the safest and most reliable choice for fabricating large commercial water tanks.

When you need a heavy fabricated commercial water tank, steel is the gold standard. While steel is not the only option, it is by far the most durable, reliable, affordable, and safest choice you can make. Knowing that you can customize your water storage tank to your exact specifications is a bonus on top of an already smart material choice. When you are planning your fabrication project, look for a fabrication shop that has experience building projects similar to yours. For a free quote on your next water tank fabrication project, contact Swanton Welding.


Swanton Welding specializes in heavy equipment fabrication and works with products like steel to create water tanks regularly. Their experienced professionals are ready to take your call and answer any questions you may have about the fabrication process. They will provide you with more information about utilizing steel for your water tank and help you with all your project’s needs.

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