5 Benefits of Using Structural Steel for Fabrication

Stack of steel parts for a fabrication project.

Without structural steel, our world would look dramatically different. Buildings would only stand a few stories tall, and skyscrapers wouldn’t exist, causing cities to sprawl outward. Structures built of materials other than steel could not withstand extreme weather and seismic earth events. Structural steel makes our world possible, providing several benefits and keeping it at the forefront of the construction industry.

Design Flexibility 

Most of the unique building designs seen today aren’t possible without steel. Structural steel’s bendable, moldable, and measurable nature means unique and functional designs for buildings and mega-structures that need sturdy support frames can be built soundly. Its strength allows slender designs not possible with wood or concrete. 

Unlike similar materials, one significant advantage of working with steel is that it can be curved or bent into shapes to meet architectural specifications. Designers can express creativity with steel instead of bricks, glass, or stone. These alternative materials can be worked into steel designs as I-Beams can be fitted to almost any material design.

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Cost Effectiveness 

Steel provides significant cost savings compared to other materials. The ROI for structural steel is associated with its strength and reliability since it won’t need to be replaced for years. You save on shorter construction timelines and building materials since steel is lighter than alternative types of framing. 

Another benefit of steel is that prices remain affordable for businesses of all sizes and are much lower than twenty years ago. The reduced weight of structural steel helps reduce shipping costs. 

Strength, Safety, and Durability 

Steel is frequently used in commercial buildings due to its ability to withstand harsh weather. Steel is more robust than most building materials, including concrete. With steel, you get a longer lifespan that often includes a warranty. Thanks to the durability of steel, you can worry less about maintenance and replacement and focus on other business goals. 

As one of the toughest building materials, steel is non-combustible and won’t ignite or spread flames. When adequately coated, it is also rust and corrosion-resistant. Steel does not mold or mildew and resists splintering and shattering during extreme movement. When built to code, a steel structure protects occupants and contents from high winds, fire, heavy snow, and ice during conditions that could destroy a building constructed of wood or concrete. 

Future Adaptability 

Steel buildings and frames are highly adaptable. They are easily expandable upwards or on the side. Since steel is solid for its weight, it can support the additional weight of new stories. The structure’s overall weight is less than one built with concrete or wood, so the foundation experiences less stress from the additional floors. 

Along with expanding the size of a building, the interior of a steel frame building is easily reconfigurable. 


As part of the solution to a greener environment, structural steel is one of the most sustainable materials in the world. Steel has a low carbon effect and is recyclable, making it a popular choice for businesses going green because it can be used repeatedly without losing quality. Producing steel has become environmentally safe due to its high recycling rate and emphasis on reducing waste. 

The increased use of steel for flooring and framing means better forest preservation. Almost all the materials can be recycled and reused when a steel building needs to be rebuilt. Steel is also great at blocking out environmental pollutants, which results in a healthier workplace. 

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Structural Steel from Swanton Welding Company 

There are many additional benefits to using structural steel for your project. Steel is the superior choice if you’re searching for a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, energy-efficient product. Contact Swanton Welding Company today to learn more about structural steel fabrication and how it can benefit your business.