Structural Steel for Virtually All Industries and Applications

Sometimes standard just won’t do. In such an instance, you need to find a heavy metal fabricator to cut, bend, join, and assemble the precise product you need. However, not just any metal fabricator will do. You need a company that can complete heavy fabrication. That means they are equipped to handle metalworking to create large or complicated metal products specific to your needs.

Certified welder working with structural steel.

This process is vital in virtually all industries, from agriculture and architecture to chemical and construction mining. In all enterprises, custom heavy metal fabrication comes in handy. Products such as platforms, stairs, and handrails have a wide range of possibilities.


Look around. Stairs are everywhere. And many of them are made of metal.

In recent years, heavy metal fabrication has been the go-to in architecture. The low maintenance, durability, and high resilience to fluctuating environmental changes make them a practical choice for commercial infrastructure.

There are a multitude of metal staircase styles that can fit all specifications. Common designs include:

  • Straight flights
  • Spiral stairs
  • Quarter turn stairs
  • Helical stairs
  • Movable staircases

A heavy metal fabricator can customize the stairs to 

whichever shape, size, or style fits your needs. This means the staircase can seamlessly fit your structure.

You also have options with tread and finishing. Perhaps you will choose plank, plate, or bar grate stair treads. And then go with a slip-resistant, powder-coated, or a galvanized finish. The possibilities really are endless.


Custom fabricated handrails add form and function to any commercial, industrial, or business space. Whether wall-mounted or post-mounted, metal handrails add safety and security to your business stairways.

Skilled workers use an array of metalworking processes to build handrails according to customers’ exact project specifications. These can include:

  • Bending
  • Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Welding
  • Pipe forming
  • Laser and plasma cutting

A variety of metals can be used for railings. The most popular include steel and aluminum. Your fabricator can help guide you in selecting the most appropriate metal to meet your needs.


Nearly all industries use platforms in some capacity. They can be an essential part of a structure as they offer strength and stability. In most instances, custom industrial platforms are fabricated specifically to adhere to specific needs, laws, and regulations.

Custom fabricated industrial work platforms can be designed and built to fit any use. They are highly customizable and can be made to protect workers in construction, oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, and many other industries.

The most common platforms are access platforms. Access platforms give workers a landing to access a structure at various heights. The three types of access platforms are:

  1. Folding platform systems – These mobile platforms fold out and can be easily moved to various heights.
  2. Powered platforms – These motorized platforms allow workers to step onto the system at ground level and move up or down as needed, such as cherry pickers, electric hoists, and scissor lifts.
  3. Stationary and semi-stationary platforms – These fixed, tower-like platforms give workers regular access to confined spaces.

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Each platform is carefully crafted to the customer’s specifications. The team of fabrication experts use plate processors, beam lines, and other machinery to cut, trim, and bend structural steel and other metals. Then the structure is assembled by master welders who are sure to place reinforcements wherever needed to ensure the durable integrity of each platform.

The Swanton Welding Difference

Industries and applications for heavy metal fabrication are virtually unlimited. Metal fabricators, like Swanton Welding Company, have a large number of diverse raw materials to choose from to construct the perfect component to fit your needs.

Not all fabrication shops are equipped to tackle large, heavy, and oversized projects. Our expert welders and machinists can custom create anything from platforms, stairs, and handrails to tanks, chutes and lifts, and anything in between. And, it will all be done precisely to your specifications.

We are confident Swanton Welding is the comprehensive fabrication team your project needs. Contact us today for a free quote.

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