Fabricating Pedestrian Bridges Using Structural Steel

Building a Pedestrian Bridge

In general, pedestrian bridges are built with the help of truss systems. The types of truss configurations that are used can depend on many factors. They can depend on the estimated average load that the bridge bears, the condition of the area where it is to be constructed, etc.


Selecting the Right Material

Pedestrian bridges have long been constructed out of wood, and more recently concrete. Nowadays, there is a growing trend of fabricating the pedestrian bridge with the help of structural steel. This is a category of steel construction material which is formed with a particular shape or cross section, and specific strength and chemical composition values. Here are some reasons why you should consider using structural steel for your next construction project:

1. Lighter than Wood

While steel is more dense than wood, the amount of steel used to create the bridge in terms of I-Beams is less than the amount of wood used for the same construction purposes. This means the overall steel structure is lighter than a bridge made of wood. The lighter load helps save money on shipping costs and simplifies the design and construction process for the bridge.

2. Easier Assembly

The steel trusses come fully formed from the shop. They need only be affixed to the desired location with the help of nuts and bolt. Assembling the lighter steel bridge parts is a quicker and easier process than if the construction material was wood or concrete.

3. Greater Durability

Wood decays in the weather. Concrete cracks under the sun. Structural steel is a far more durable option. You will have to spend very little money on maintenance or repairs.

4. The Versatile Choice

Steel can be bent, twisted, cut and forced into any shape you might want to give to it. Your pedestrian bridge made out of structural steel will be able to have a much more interesting design.

5. Environment Friendly

Most steel is made of recycled material. It can be recycled at the end of its lifetime. Hence, making use of steel for your bridge is the environmentally responsible choice instead of chopping down more and more trees for every new bridge.

Thus, we see that structural steel offers many construction advantages. It allows for the creation of a strong and structurally sound bridge. The structure can absorb the wear and tear that bridges are subjected to every day without crumbling under the pressure.

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