Successful Steel Fabrication is Determined by Quality Processes

Quality control is what can determine whether steel fabrication projects will be successful. When looking for a steel fabrication partner, you should look at how the metal fabrication shop handles safety, cost control, compliance, consistency, and reputation. If a metal fabrication shop has quality processes in place, the project has a much greater chance of success. Hearing that your metal shop values quality is one thing, but looking into their processes will give you a much better idea of how they are implemented. Welder working on steel project.


Consistency ensures safety. Your metal fabrication partner should be well versed in OSHA rules, with a chain of command to ensure consistency and OSHA compliance during the project. If part of the process isn’t done correctly, significant safety hazards can crop up in other parts of the project. Quality control, with regular checks, is paramount to ensuring safety in successful steel fabrication. These checks should include:

· Ordering materials that are up to OSHA standards.

· Making sure each completed piece is properly handled, stored, and shipped to prevent any damage.

· Monitoring the performance of each welder, tacker, and operator.

· Reviewing the design with the customer and steel fabrication team.

· Engineering the design based on safety standards.

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Managing Costs

Controlling costs can also be managed through successful quality control. An injury or an OSHA fine can increase costs significantly and lead to lost productivity. Quality control can help prevent mistakes from happening in the first place. When selecting a fabrication partner, it’s important to ask for full transparency in their processes, as well as understanding their documentation of the process. This will help you understand if they maintain sufficient quality control of materials, labor, and management.


When choosing a metal fabrication shop to partner with, make sure they are compliant and adhere to industry standards. Do they meet OSHA requirements? Some OSHA compliant dimensions are complicated, and it is essential that your metal fabrication partner can meet the exact specifications needed for your project.

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You and your metal fabrication shop need to be on the same page. Communication will determine if you both understand the expectations of the project. Quality control standards can only be met when both parties agree on what the outcome of the project should be. If you and your metal fabrication partner are not in sync, the fabrication process may fail, simply because the end product will not function as both parties intend. Collaboration should 

happen early in the design process, with documentation throughout, to ensure consistency and reliability.

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When quality control slips, your reputation will suffer, and a damaged reputation is extremely difficult to recover from. When your company’s quality control processes are in place, as are your metal fabrication partner’s, everyone involved will be safe, compliant, and productive. All these processes should be documented and include inspection policies for all stages of the project and those who will be working on it. The manuals should regularly be updated to make sure that everything is compliant with changing regulatory demands.

A metal fabrication shop with a strong commitment to quality control is essential when choosing a partner for your project. Quality control will minimize risk and liability, preventing mistakes rather than needing to fix them later, and will help ensure that your project is done well and on time, which will protect your reputation.

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