Swanton Welding Company: The Inside Story

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Company Overview

SWC is a metal fabricator specializing in custom metal fabrication, clean air fabrication, dust collection systems, sheet metal fabrication, and structural steel fabrication. We provide domestic and international service and offer an ISO certified production shop.

With over 60 years of industry experience and multiple locations in Ohio and Georgia, Our staff at SWC has the capacity and knowledge to ensure your Steel Fabrication project is successful.

Our Facilities

Our main facility is located in Swanton, Ohio. Being built in 1956, it is our largest location. Measuring 275,000 sq. ft., it has 60 employees on hand. At this facility, we provide custom fabrication and specialty services from engineering to delivery. We use certified welders and the most current technology to ensure superb quality at a competitive rate.

The Heavy Fabrication Facility is located in Wauseon, Ohio. Being built in 2009, it is 85,000 sq. ft. and houses 25 employees. This facility works on larger projects such as ductwork, bulk material handling, heavy conveyor systems, large railroad fabrications and other various power and mining projects.

In 1997, we built our Southern Facility in Griffin, Georgia. It is our smallest facility, measuring 65,000 sq. ft, with 25 employees. This facility works mainly with Trumpf Lasering and Robotic Welding, assuring quality and the best service with each project.

Our Equipment

In our facilities, we use:

  • Ficep Beam Line: 40” wide beam/52’ long
  • Parmigiani Roller: 4-Roll Plate Bending Roller
  • Global Finishing Solutions Paint Booth (2): 65’ long x 20’ wide x 20’ tall & 75’ long x 32’ wide x 22’ tall.
  • Overhead cranes: Capable of handling up to 90 tons
  • Press Breaks
  • Buggo Welder
  • Robotic and manual CNC Machines

Our History

In 1956, George Kern launched Swanton Welding and Machining; a one-man welding operation that caters to the farming community. Shortly after, George hired his son-in-law Norm Zeiter as his first employee. By the start of the 80’s, the company consisted of six employees.

George Kern stepped down for retirement in 1985, but the welding shop continued to thrive. Under Norm’s leadership and innovative thinking, the company became one of the best equipped custom fabrication shops in the Midwest and Southwest. As the new head of the company, Norm purchased an 8,000 sq. ft. facility in Swanton, Ohio, sparking the company’s growth. By the mid-2000’s, the buildings had grew tremendously, even branching out to create a location in Griffin, Georgia.

Our Employees

We have 110 total employees. We have AWS D1.1 Certified Welders as well as an In-House Certified Welding Instructor.

Industries Served

  • Chemical Process
  • General Industrial
  • Alternative Energy
  • Power and Utilities
  • Bulk Handling and Storage
  • OEM
  • General Contractors
  • Structural
  • Process Paper
  • Steel Mills
  • Coal
  • Foundry
  • Clean Air
  • Petro
  • Industrial Components
  • Environmental
  • Spare Parts

Why Choose Swanton Welding for Your Next Project?

heavyfab-4.jpgSince 1956, SWC has been proudly partnering with our customers nationwide with high quality and fabrication services and customer-driven business practices that today allow them to lead the way as innovators within the industry.

Over 60 years of experience and out-of-the-box thinking has driven Swanton Welding to exponential growth throughout the Midwest and Southeast United States making us one of the best equipped custom fabrication shops around.

Always focusing on the future while never forgetting our past, Swanton Welding Company is a diverse, specialty steel fabricating company that is fully equipped to handle some of the most complex projects around the globe. Our commitment to high quality steel manufacturing and customer satisfaction will not be beat by competitors. Contact us today at 419-826-4816 or check out our website at www.swantonweld.com to discover more about how Swanton Welding is the right choice for all of your custom fabrication needs.