Swanton Welding – Georgia



The Southern Swanton Welding facility is located in Griffin, Georgia and has many manufacturing capabilities.

This facility uses a powder coat system that includes a conveyor system that runs around the facility. Items travel into the spray booth where they have a powder applied and then proceed into the cure oven.

The FMS system uses a storage tower that contains much of the sheet metal and plate that is used for laser cutting. Two Mazak HTX machines are fed by the FMS system which can cut aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. The trumpf laser systems are automated with the liftmaster system and have 80’ x 160’ tables that can cut the longer and wider materials.

Steel Beam Painting at Swanton Welding's Georgia FacilitySwanton Welding’s robotic welding stations save the fixtures we create and mark them with the appropriate customer and part number improving efficiency.  We also utilize machines for automated bending of parts and program the machine reducing the man hours need or repetitive work.

All of the parts that are created welded together using mig or tig welding. An example is the assembly of a large wagon spoke with a hub in the middle and it will be part of a larger fabrication for a customer.

Complex fabrication involves structural members brackets and other elements that have been laser cut informed  They are cut and assembled to match client specific dimensions and inspected carefully.

Swanton Welding welcomes you to start your next custom fabrication or manufacturing project with us. For more information visit our website at swantonweld.com

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