Swanton Welding in Griffin, Georgia

Welding industrial steel parts.

From humble beginnings in rural Northwest Ohio, Swanton Welding has achieved a national reach. For custom metal fabrication, welding, structural steel, machining, blast, paint, and assembly there’s no one that can hold a candle to Swanton’s diverse capabilities. An integral part of their ability to service partners around the globe, and clear evidence of their national stature, is their southern facility in Griffin, GA.

The southern facility offers Swanton Welding advantageous positioning to access markets both in the United States and all over the world. Much like the original facility outside of Toledo, OH, with access to Lake Erie’s shipping lanes, major rail hubs, and with close proximity to 75 and the turnpike we are strategically located to ship you work across the country or around the globe efficiently.

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Swanton Welding in Georgia

Nestled just south of Atlanta, Griffin offers Swanton a geographical advantage when it comes to getting your custom metal fabrication and welding to you efficiently and swiftly. Griffin has easy access to markets in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and the Port of Savannah. That location gives Swanton Welding the ability to quickly get your goods wherever you need them. From their locations in Ohio and Georgia, there’s nowhere in America or across the globe they can’t get your fabricated and machined projects where it needs to be in a reasonable timeline. While domestic projects cover the majority of work we ship out. Historically we have sent projects throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Swanton’s first expansion outside of Ohio has expanded their reach, and allowed them to service a wider array of clients. Far from duplicating services, the Griffin facility has expanded not only reach, but also capabilities.

Southern Facility Welding and Fabrication Capabilities

Opened in 2000, Swanton’s southern facility features services and processes that have expanded Swanton’s overall capacity and potential. The Griffin location offers custom fabricating, production fabricating, laser cutting, powder coating, paint, assembly and robotic welding.

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Robotic welding offers at times advantages that manual welding cannot achieve while our experienced team of professional welders throughout our facilities are experts in the field, robotic welding can deliver consistent, efficient welds on par with even their best human counterparts. Robotic systems streamline welding, taking on tasks that could be repetitive or inefficient for a person.

Swanton’s Commitment

No matter which Swanton facility you work with to meet your custom fabrication and welding needs, there are a number of things you can count on.

First and foremost is our dedication to customer service. Along with the fabrication and welding services we offer, our customer service sets us apart. That dedication includes a focus on the best overall service, on-time delivery, and fair prices. That commitment to quality is apparent in everything we do, whether you are working with our teams in Ohio or Georgia.

Our 85,000 square foot facility in Griffin is simply an outgrowth of the resolve that started Swanton Welding out of a small shop and one employee. For your next custom fabrication or welding project, contact our team of experienced professionals at Swanton Welding, and discover the Swanton difference for yourself. Our tradition of hard work, innovation, and customer-driven focus will deliver for you.