High Tech Metal Fabrication Partner for Green Energy Industry

The renewable energy industry is in demand and growing rapidly. As technology advances, more renewable energy becomes possible. Because of this, the green energy industry is in need of high-quality metal fabrication partners to help in meeting demand and reaching their full potential. Metal fabrication is crucial for solar and geothermal renewable energy and having a turnkey partner who can handle the entire project from design to delivery can save time and money while producing a high-quality product capable of meeting all the standards necessary.

Large industrial solar panel.

Full Scope of Metal Fabrication Services

Partnering with a turnkey metal fabrication partner gives your company the full scope of metal fabrication services. A high-tech metal fabrication shop will include everything from design to delivery. This not only includes the designers and engineers, but the experts in sheet rolling, laser cutting, punching, bending, welding, and assembly. A full scope metal fabrication shop streamlines processes and lines of communication. It increases efficiency and lowers cost. Green energy companies can reach their full potential with the right metal fabrication partner.

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Reduce Lead Time and Lower Production Costs

A turnkey metal fabrication partner takes your project from design to delivery without any additional outsourcing. State-of-the-art equipment from a metal fabrication partner will reduce the lead time and lower production costs on the fabricated components and parts needed. With reduced lead time and lower production costs, you can put more of your focus into improving your capabilities.

Capabilities to Design and Produce Parts

Green energy relies on quality parts. Solar panel frames, heat exchanges, tanks, pumps, and more are all reliant on metal fabrication shops for production. Solar energy relies on frames, posts, connectors, trackers, brackets, and more. Geothermal energy relies on material that can stand up to high heat, and many of the components are made from iron casting, stainless steel, and steel alloy. A network of pipes need to be precisely designed and produced. For a green energy industry, finding a metal fabrication partner that can take their needs from design through production is key.  

On-Site Capabilities

A high-quality metal fabrication partner for the green energy industry should have all of the experts and equipment available on-site. From designers, to engineers, to skilled operators, having the experts present throughout the entire process is key. In addition, state-of-the-art machinery that allows building complex metal solutions is crucial for nearly any green energy requirement. Having everything on-site is both efficient and cost-effective. Communication is improved when all the experts are on-site.

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The best way to be successful is to have the right components in place. Partnering with a high-quality metal fabrication shop ensures that the materials needed will be designed, fabricated, tested, and delivered to your standards. If you’re in the green energy industry, planning and communicating with a turnkey metal fabrication shop is the best way to get started with your next fabrication project. Partner with Swanton Welding Company to reduce your industrial carbon footprint and build a greener future. Contact us today.

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