Taking Stainless-Steel Hopper Tanks to the Next Level

Large industrial stainless steel hoppers for food grade application.

You have a product that needs to be contained and protected from outside contaminants. You also need a way to allow the material to flow out when needed. It sounds like you just might be in the market for a stainless-steel hopper.

These containers are used in industrial processes to hold a substance. The matter can then be dispensed from the bottom when warranted. However, not all hoppers are created equal.

You need a stainless-steel hopper that will function properly while maintaining the quality of your material. You need a hopper that is next level.

Why a Stainless-Steel Hopper?

Stainless steel hoppers are a practical method of handling, storing, and transporting a wide variety of materials. They are hygienic and completely contained. This makes them ideal for industries where keeping things sterile is a top priority. This includes the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries.

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Key features of stainless-steel hoppers include:

  • Safe and contained way to store powder
  • Sealed, FDA compliant construction
  • Versatility
  • Customizable for a wide variety of industries

Common shapes for stainless steel hoppers are cone, wedge, or pyramidal. However, the right fabrication shop will be able to build stainless steel hoppers to fit nearly any dimensions and specifications.

Fabricating Stainless Steel Hoppers

Stainless steel is ideal for fabricating hoppers for food, pharmaceutical, and fuel purposes. Your metal fabricator can easily manipulate sheets of stainless steel to form a solid structure to fit your specific needs.

Each hopper is custom built exactly to your specifications. Multiple fabrication methods are used, including:

  • Laser
  • Press brake
  • Saw
  • Roll
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Finishing Details

Stainless steel hoppers are finished off with an interior specific to their applications. The type of material to be stored in the tank will determine what type of construction materials and finishing products will be used. For example, a glass bead blasted polish would be used for food grade application.

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A Next Level Hopper

Quality counts when it comes to fabricating stainless steel hoppers. Only the top fabricators have the capability of building hoppers that stand up to the stringent requirements mandated for food, medical, and EPA manufacturers and facilities.

Custom stainless-steel fabrication combines traditional hammer and forge methods with modern technologies like plasma cutting, water jet cutting, and AutoCAD. This ensures the accuracy of the fabrication and allows you to anticipate exactly what kind of product you will receive.

The Swanton Welding Company Difference

A finely fabricated stainless steel hopper only comes from a company that truly cares about quality. That company is Swanton Welding.

Our sheet metal fabricators and welders are skilled craftspeople. We create the highest quality custom metal products in-house, and your entire project is built under one roof with one team.

Operating within the strictest standards, Swanton Welding can design, machine, and fabricate stainless steel hoppers for a wide variety of industries. We have the expertise and experience to meet the hygienic requirements of industrial food processing plants, as well as those required for medical and EPA projects and facilities.

In fact, we recently custom fabricated a stainless steel hopper and finished it off with a polished glass-bead interior for food grade application for a company in Iowa.

Let us do the same for you.

Contact us today and find out what makes Swanton Welding the right fabricator for your custom stainless steel hopper needs. Give us your requirements and we will meet them, and exceed your expectations with a job well done. Stop outsourcing your projects to multiple shops and watch your entire project come together under one roof with an experienced project manager who will make sure your projects are built with the highest standards in mind.

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