The Benefits of a Laser Press Brake


Technology is speeding up the metal fabrication process across the board. The laser press brake is no exception. Today’s press brake operators can rely on computerization and laser technology to ensure precision and accuracy across a number of applications and metal materials. Evaluate technological capabilities when you search for project metal fabricators to expedite lead times and reduce project error rates.

How Metal Fabricators Use Press Brakes With Lasers

Old-school press brake operators often needed several hours to conduct a manual setup for metal bending activities. They also needed in-depth knowledge of metal behaviors and machinery to prepare the press brake and complete a metal bending project. Modern press brakes connect easily to offline computer systems, and many include precision laser technology for a streamlined forming experience.

Laser and programming advancements allow operators to accurately set a piece of metal along the die and apply the right amount of pressure for an accurate formation. A green or red laser creates a visual lineup that the operator can use to check the process against customer specifications. The entire process takes minutes rather than a few hours. A skilled laser press brake operator can use laser press brakes to overcome springback obstacles – the tendency of certain metals to slightly move when released – in metal bending for consistency and accuracy.

Benefits of Using Laser Press Brakes in Metal Forming

Press brake metal forming plays a role in many custom and general metal fabrication requests. The machine creates channels, perfect interlocking sheet metal fits, and enclosures for ductwork, small parts, and custom projects. Benefits of partnering with a metal fabrication company that uses laser press brakes include:

Faster turnaround times

Fabrication companies that use laser press brakes can shorten their lead times and meet customer expectations on every project request. Laser precision in press brakes equally increases project efficiency for 25 part or 900 part jobs.

Improved Safety

Employee safety directly affects the product that a customer receives. Laser-enabled press brakes shine light on bend points to give operators a visual cue during the bending process. Operators can use these guides and other safety components to avoid injury and downtime.

Loss Reduction

An older press brake machine without laser technology may turnout less precise metal forms. A difference of a few millimeters can throw an entire project timeline off, costing an end client time and money. Laser press brakes allow operators to make precise and consistent bends that match design plans.

Cost Savings/Increased Value

Metal fabricators who use precision technology to fulfill customer requests often provide increased value. Customers may notice cost savings and increased total value from accurate and high-quality products delivered on time and under budget.

Choosing Results-Driven Metal Fabricators

Laser press brakes represent one of many advancements shaping the future of metal fabrication. Press brake operators who combine their skills with the expediency of advanced automation and laser-guided accuracy meet or exceed their customers’ expectations on every order.

Look for a metal fabricating company that combines skilled workmanship with technology to meet project demands. The right metal forming team members will expedite turnaround times without sacrificing quality, which may translate to increased project savings.

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At Swanton Welding Company Inc., our qualified press brake operators and advanced technology translate to customer value on every project. We can accommodate prototypes up to a maximum of 10,000 product units within a 2- to 4-week period. Contact us for precision metal forming designed to meet the needs of commercial and industrial projects.