Swanton Welding: The Next Generation in Machining


Ever-changing demands in the industry require advancements in machining processes and tools that can perform the job faster, better, and with more precision. We aim to stay ahead of the curve, getting the best equipment available to fill the needs of our customers. The newest addition to our machine arsenal is the Mazak VCN-530C, which addresses our most immediate and consistent machining needs.

What Is the VCN-530C?

This machine brings next-generation technology, high performance, and increased value for a wide selection of metalworking uses. It can process large pieces or multiple small pieces using a single machine arrangement. It comes with a range of spindle selections, giving the user precisely what they need for whatever process they need it. With applications across industries, the VCN-530C can mean better fabrication.

The machine boasts a transverse rate of 1,654 inches per minute along the X, Y, and Z axes and an automatic servo-driven tool exchanger that reduces non-cutting time by providing up to 30 choices of tools, held in a custom-designed magazine. This maximizes part fabrication processes and versatility with its continuous cutting operational mode.

The onboard computer numerical control system offers user-friendly EIA/ISO programming, simplifying the process of setting angled drilling, milling, or tapping function control programs.

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What Can the Machine Do?

Intelligent Machine functions enable the VCN-530C to sense and react to changes in the environment. It balances speed and torque and is a step up from the previous 12,000 RPM spindle. The machine’s standard features include a 15,000 RPM, 40-taper spindle that is capable of effectively processing non-ferrous materials, such as cast iron and aluminum.

The SmoothG control is user friendly and features cutting-edge hardware and software for lightning-fast speed and precision. Complex part programs can be run using EIA/ISO programming, and changes can be made at the machine or remotely.

Why Swanton Chose the VCN-530C

We selected this machine to address our most pressing, consistent machining requirements. It allows us to decrease turnaround time on part machining, reducing the wait time for customers. This equipment works as a force multiplier in our shop, increasing productivity, adding capabilities, and boosting efficiency, all with the goal of exceeding our customer expectations.

Why Choose Mazak?

This company has a sterling reputation as one of the oldest, most reliable equipment manufacturing companies in the industry. Additionally, its plant is in the U.S., meaning we don’t have to go far for tech support or help. More important, it means that when you are working with us, you are helping support U.S. jobs and manufacturing.

I Thought You Were a Fabrication Shop

The Mazak VCN-530C machine’s primary use is for performing some of the machining required in our fabrication jobs. This way we have an option in house to do small machining jobs ourselves quickly and efficiently. The efficiency of this equipment also means better turn-around for projects that have a short lead time.

What Value Does This Add to Your Company?

We can now be more competitive on jobs that require small batch machining. We will also reduce the lead times on jobs that require machining for fabrication projects as we have the ability to control our machining schedule and eliminate downtime and time lost in shipping. By offering our customers a better price and shorter lead times, we expect the Mazak VCN-530C to help us become more competitive in our project estimates and quotes.

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 Customers have different requirements for different jobs, and companies need to be more flexible going forward. With equipment like the Mazak VCN-530C, Swanton Welding will be poised to complete even more diverse jobs at a faster rate, making sure you get your completed parts at the fastest possible rate at a fair price. Contact us today to get your free quote.