Wauseon Swanton Welding Heavy Fabrication Facility


The Swanton Welding Heavy Fabrication Facility is located just outside of Wauseon, Ohio.

The facility can handle small and medium sized fabrication, as well as large fabrication projects. The specialized features used for larger fabrication projects are overhead cranes and the large floor space.

The facility can handle just about any sheet size, which increases efficiency and leads to projects that are price conscious. The large size of our facility allows us to take on projects in larger sections rather than smaller sections, a good way to avoid a challenging product delivery and costly on site assembly. Scaffolding makes hard to reach places more accessible, especially for large fabrication projects.

The facilities’ two bridge cranes have a 30-ton capacity and 40-ton capacity, allowing large projects to be completed with ease. Another specialized tool, the buggo Welder is basically a track welder that maximizes efficiency and creates clean consistent welds. The size and complexity of our facility can take mere drawings and bring a project to life.

We’d love to show you how we can help with your next heavy fabrication project! Visit our website at swantonweld.com

Swanton Welding welcomes you to start your next custom fabrication or manufacturing project with us. For more information visit our website at swantonweld.com

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