Which Kinds of Projects Require Powder Coating?

Powder coating is something that the average person sees every day but simply does not recognize. This extremely durable finish can be found just about everywhere. It is used to coat everything from household appliances and backyard furniture to bicycle frames and car bodies. Powder coating is also an incredibly useful and valuable industrial coating.

What exactly is powder coating?

close up of powder coating processIn the simplest terms, powder coating is a “dry” painting process that does not utilize a liquid substrate – that is, conventional paint – to coat an item. Instead, the items to be coated have a negative electrical charge run through them and they are then exposed to a positively charged, free-flowing, dry powder.

The “opposites” attract and a relatively thick layer of coating is deposited. Heat is then applied to cure the paint and create a “baked-on” finish that is significantly harder and tougher than those produced by conventional paint.

The powder coating process also eliminates the need for the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the painting process (this is what reduces post-production waste). Large-scale manufacturers love powder coating for this very reason. They also tend to love it for its durability and affordability as well.

What types of manufacturing projects use powder coating?

  • Automotive parts – Everything from the chassis of tractors and other farm equipment to custom aftermarket parts for high-end automobiles are powder coated. Automotive manufacturers are one of the largest users of powder coating -as the newly-developed clear finish not only protects against the ravages of Mother Nature but also man-made damage such as scratches and damage from road salt.
  • Appliance finishes – Similarly, appliances that are often used (refrigerators & ovens, washers & dryers, dishwashers, and even water heaters) are routinely finished with powder coating. Thus, this process is what keeps them looking better. Plus, they are far easier to clean than traditional finishes (such as brushed aluminum and porcelain).
  • Building supplies – More industrially minded folks can find powder coating on the aluminum extrusions that are used to make the vast majority of windows and doors in the United States (as well as on every light pole, guard rail or signpost on the nation’s highways). Essentially, powder coating is the only finish that can stand up to the vagaries of “life on the road” for any appreciable amount of time.
  • Other products – The list of powder coating products is simply too long to enumerate. Suffice it to say that golf clubs, baby strollers, computer stations, fitness equipment, snow blowers, and almost any other quality item you can think of get powder coated before being shipped to the consumer. It is simply too durable and economical to ignore!

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