Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better in Steel Fabrication

Times are tight for everyone, and all businesses are looking to save money. Comparing quotes and finding the most economical solution is something that every company needs to do when beginning a new project. However, this doesn’t mean that cheaper is always better. Quality matters. When you go with an industry leader for your steel fabrication project, you will come out better in the long run. Paying for quality is well worth the investment.

Welding Operator working on steel beam.

Cheap Steel Fabrication Can Cost You More

When you opt for the cheapest quote in steel fabrication, you do get what you pay for. You may find that the initial quote is low, but you will be saddled with high delivery charges, add-ons, or missed deadlines resulting in additional costs. If the product you get from a low-cost fabrication shop can’t hold up, you will likely find yourself spending much more in the long run to compensate for the low quality you could receive.

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How to Know a Quality Steel Fabrication Shop

When looking for a fabrication shop for your steel project, you should focus your search on quality, not merely on cost. When you find a shop that is an industry leader, you will get a level of quality that is worth far more to your project. Some of the key components to look for include:

  • Experience

Experience is golden. When you find a shop with fabricators, engineers, and technicians who have decades of experience, you know that they can readily handle anything your project will need.

  • Cutting Edge Technology

A quality fabrication shop invests in itself with state of the art equipment and technology, ensuring that they are on the cutting edge of the field. Experience alone is important, but experience with motivation to remain relevant to any advances takes a shop to the next level.

  • Certifications

Certified welders are critical to the success of any fabrication shop. A quality shop will ensure that all necessary certifications are current and relevant.

  • Ongoing Professional Development

Ongoing professional development suggests a commitment to continuous improvement and overall excellence. When a shop encourages and requires their team to continue to grow, you know that quality is a core value.

  • Timely Bids, Accurate Quotes, and Respect of Timelines

The work may be good, but if the organization is a mess, your project may suffer. You want a shop who respects your business with accuracy and efficiency. Quotes and timelines should be met, and your time should be respected when you need to reach out for a bid, change in work order, or timeline adjustment. 

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  • Complete Steel Services

A full service fabrication shop will offer fabrication, finishing, and delivery. Seeing your project through from beginning to end is well worth the investment. A diverse range of metal fabrication services that can help you construct, assemble, inspect, disassemble, and deliver your project is something that should carry weight to you as a partner.

It’s worth repeating. Cheaper isn’t always better. Quality matters. You get what you pay for. When you compare quotes for your steel fabrication needs, look beyond the numbers and compare the value you are getting from the competing shops. Look at experience, equipment and technology, certifications, and what you will get for your investment. Looking for an industry leader who is confident in their ability to deliver a high-quality product is a smart choice. Swanton Welding has remained an industry leader because we care about the people we serve and the people we work with. Our team of experts is the core of our success. Let’s talk about your next fabrication project today!