Does Galvanization Save Time on Fabrication Projects?

Galvinated Steel parts outside Swanton Welding facility

Galvanized steel is a better option for many reasons. After steel has been galvanized, it has a matte gray finish that blends in well, regardless of your surroundings. This process also extends the life of your steel and can save you time and money on your project.

How is the Steel Galvanized?

Zinc is used to hot-dip galvanize your steel. When the zinc reacts with steel, it forms a protective seal on the metal that reduces corrosion. This coating works as a sacrificial anode that protects the metal. This process prevents any corrosive materials from touching or affecting the steel.

Timely Benefits of Galvanized Steel

When your steel is hot-dip galvanized, a protective zinc coating is added to the steel. This coating only requires one dip, and your project is protected. Other coatings need to be painted or sprayed on, and are more time-consuming.

Less time is wasted waiting for other coatings to dry. The galvanization process happens very quickly, and typically only takes one day to fully set. This allows your project to finish being constructed quickly and efficiently.

Galvanized steel is proven to last much longer than any other treatment process. The steel is protected from corrosion, which saves you time down the road. The steel in your fabrication project will last a long time, which prevents you from having to think about replacing it.

Steel that has gone through the galvanization process is much easier to clean and maintain. Instead of having to use harsh chemicals to maintain the steel or prevent it from corroding, the steel already has a protective cover in place. The only maintenance that is needed is for the surface to be wiped down a few times a year.

If your project or materials require an inspection, galvanization can ease the process. Since your materials will have a protective coating, any flaws in the metal will be easily visible. Your galvanized metal is reliable and should not have any flaws, streamlining the inspection process.

Other Benefits to Galvanizing your Projects

Galvanized steel is aesthetically pleasing. Since the matte gray color matches most surroundings, you will not have to spend extra time painting or building around the material to hide it. As the galvanized steel ages, the color does not fade or change. This long-lasting look leaves your project seeming brand new even after it is years old.

If you choose to change the color, galvanized metal is very easy to powder-coat. Powder coatings come in a variety of colors that can add to the design of your project. The coating gives the galvanization an extra layer of protection, allowing it to last even longer.


Hot-dip galvanization is very quick to apply, which can save you money spent on labor hours. The products used also tend to cost less than other metal preservation products. It comes with a long-life guarantee, so you will not be spending extra money down the road replacing the steel in your fabrication project.

Galvanize Your Project Today

Regardless of the size of your fabrication project, metal specialists can discuss the options to have your project galvanized. This process leaves your project protected and ready for any condition. The reliability gives you the confidence to focus on more important things and not worry about the maintenance of your project.

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Swanton Welding offers professional and high-quality galvanization on any sized project. Our professionals are skilled in the hot-dip method of galvanization, and can ensure your metal will be corrosion-free for the life of the fabrication project. Contact us today to discuss your fabrication needs or if you have any questions about galvanizing your metal.