How Engineers Can Help Move Your Fabrication Project

Your company has the idea. You even have the drawings, but maybe they lack the level of detail needed to get production moving. Not every custom metal fabrication shop has the capabilities necessary to help you get to the finish line. You may even think you can’t get your project off the ground without all the details ready beforehand. Your situation is clear: you have a project and with a looming deadline, and you feel stuck. Without the right fabrication partner, your project may never get past the theoretical stage. Custom fabrication shops may have tons of experience and a variety of capabilities, but without on-site engineers they may not be able to fill in the gaps still looming in your design. To get your idea from concept to production most efficiently, look for a team with an engineering department in house.

Two welders working on a custom metal fabrication project.

Our Engineers Begin with a Thorough Review

Your partnership will begin with our team of engineers who will analyze and review the drawings you provide to us, along with any specifications including materials. Our engineers will take this information, note any potential issues including problems with the current supply chain, and provide our recommendations. Our engineering team can suggest alternative materials that will work in the case of a supply chain interruption or shortage. Once the initial review is completed, we can help to make sure your design is as efficient as possible. Our engineers will strive to use the most efficient amount of parts and materials and will make sure that your components can be manufactured in this fashion. After our review, we will be able to take your design and specifications, combine them with our knowledge, and quote your project accurately.

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Moving to Project Management

Once our engineers have taken your idea through the design stage, your project will move into the production phase. A dedicated project manager will work with the fabrication team to manage your project from start to finish. Because every project can have moments where things don’t go as planned, having an engineering team on site with knowledge of the project, a plan in place, and solutions at the ready is the best way to address any issues that may arise during fabrication. Because our team works seamlessly with yours, the risk of errors is minimized, and testing throughout the process ensures that you will have a high-quality product when your project is completed.

Your Project Will Be a Customer Driven Experience

Swanton Welding has been innovative and customer-driven since 1956. We know that not every single tube or bin will be used in the same way and that every project is unique and should be treated as such. Working closely with our technicians, welders, and fabrication teams, our engineers make sure your wishes are communicated and adhered to as your project moves forward.

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Having an in-house CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) to closely monitor the project throughout will ensure that every part of your product is made with the greatest attention to detail and excellent precision. Having a CWI on site throughout the project will make certain that the fabrication of your project will exceed your expectations.

Swanton Welding’s dedicated engineering team and our in-house CWI makes it possible for those with the drawings and ideas to see their products through to completion. At Swanton Welding, we have the comprehensive, complete, and experienced team to provide the highest quality services for your next project. Contact us today for more information about our custom fabrication capabilities.

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