Offset Labor Shortage by Outsourcing Fabrication

In the current economic climate, supply chain delays and staffing shortages have had a detrimental effect on all manufacturing. Companies with plenty of willing customers find themselves struggling to stay afloat simply because they can’t get enough of what they produce to market, or they can’t fill shifts with qualified workers. Smart businesses are helping to alleviate both issues by finding outsourcing partners they can trust.

A closeup view of a skilled tradesman operating a metal inert gas welder to join the corners of two steel beams. Process of a metalworker at work.

Why Outsource?

For many manufacturers, they simply want to produce everything in-house. Of course, there is risk in pursuing this mindset in today’s economy. Technology and innovation are coming at such a high speed that companies who want to provide turnkey services may find themselves either spread too thin or falling behind the curve.

Turning to an industry leading partner like Swanton Welding allows you to stay on the cutting edge of this industry while allowing your team to focus on what they do best: customer acquisition and setting future goals through innovation. 

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An experienced and reliable fabrication team gives attention to small details, allowing you to keep the big picture in focus. Their experience and knowledge allows them to make recommendations on materials and in some cases your design. By knowing the projected end result, an experienced metal fabricator can custom-tailor the process for your needs. Your partner may also be able to suggest different raw materials that will streamline and improve the finished product.

An Important Need

There were good reasons to outsource your metal fabrication needs before our current economic climate, but labor shortage is quickly becoming the newest in a long list of pros. By outsourcing your metal fabricating, you can pull back resources for other parts of the overall project. 

A metal fabricating partner like Swanton Welding can take your project from start to finish completely in-house. We are more than just workers pushing a button. The team at Swanton Welding has been pushing the boundaries to create builds that exceed standards and client expectations in our state-of-the-art fabrication and welding facilities for decades. These facilities have the engineers and manufacturers capable of producing for you while saving you time and money in the long run.

Searching for trained staff in this economy can drain resources quickly. Turnaround times can become adversely affected by staff shortages and other unforeseen circumstances. By leaving the metal fabricating and welding to Swanton, you reduce delivery delays on the backend. That gives you the ability to deliver where others who go it alone might not. 

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We are Invested in Your Successful Projects

The tradition and culture we’ve created at Swanton Welding precedes us. By promoting from within, our team has maintained the ideals our company was founded on strong.

When you put us to work for you, that means no questions about our ability to handle your project. All members of our staff have access to on-the-job training and certifications from the moment they join the team. From prototype to production and powder-coating, there are highly-trained, motivated staff all along the way. 

If you’ve been seeking an ally in the metal fabrication and welding industries, contact Swanton Welding today. Our engineers and professionals are pushing metal fabrication innovation from start to finish for our worldwide partners. Contact our team today to learn more about outsourcing your next build with Swanton Welding.

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