Project Spotlight-125 Ton Steam Car

This project took place from August through December of 2021. The 125-ton steam car, weighing in at 35,000 pounds with dimensions of 30 feet long, 11 feet wide, and 6 feet high, was delivered to Barberton, OH as an oversized load. Swanton Welding Company has the ability to meet custom customer specifications and demands as well as to transport the completed projects all over the country, no matter the size.

125 ton steam car project on a flat bed truck getting ready to ship out.

The project was completed on time with no issues during the process. Swanton Welding fabricated the project, blasted and painted it, assembled the car, finished the electrical work, and tested the car in the shop, using carbon steel structural items and plates. The project was fabricated using saw cutting, machining, pipe bending, beam line, and flux cored arc welding. For the finishing details, the project was completed with sandblasting and paint, including an anti-slip flooring paint. The electrical work and shop testing set this project apart, along with our ability to transport something this large.

Rear view of 125 ton steam car on a flat bed truck.

Another angle of the 125 ton steam car on a flat bed ready for delivery.

Side view of 125 ton steam car on flat bed truck.Get a Quote