Project Spotlight – Replacement Boom

This replacement boom project took place between October 2021 and January 2022 and we delivered the two finished booms to Wilmington, NC. These booms are part of the structural elements that support commercial ship loaders. Ship loaders can be tailored to different capacity needs with a focus on outstanding performance for safe cargo handling and efficiency. Because of the nature of the end use for these booms, our clients needed strong, reliable structures that would stand up to the harsh conditions these ship loaders endure. In the case of this project, the customer made the material and finishing requests that were the ideal materials for the job.

Replacement boom 1

Replacement boom 2Replacement boom 5

Large replacement boom leaving the shop with barely enough room to clear the top of the door frame due to the large size of this project.

The project was finished on time with no issues during the fabrication process. The project was very large and required specialized hauling. The booms were composed of carbon structural steel and fabricated using flux cored arc welding, beam-line, saw cutting, coping, mitering, and was finished with sandblasting and painting. There are two replacement booms in this project, and each boom is over 12 feet high, 19 feet wide, 48 feet long, and approximately 40,000 pounds. Large projects such as this are shipped with one driver driving an oversized load. 

Replacement boom 3

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