Project Spotlight: Truck Dump Platform Project

Building a massive metal device to lift semi trucks in the air and tilt them several degrees safely and securely is no easy feat. But Swanton Welding didn’t just fabricate one, the company created two at the same time.

Project Overview

Swanton Welding recently fabricated two truck dump platforms. These are used in various industries where semi or other large trucks are driven onto a platform for unloading. After securing the truck, the platform is raised high into the air, and the load on the truck is transferred via gravity into a bin or hopper.

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What is a Truck Dump Used For?

A truck dump is a rugged, hinged system that safely tilts semi-trailers to empty them. They are used a lot in the agricultural field for the transportation of fruits and vegetables. However, other industries can use them as well. A truck dump platform is extremely useful, and can greatly reduce product damage and labor costs of traditional mechanical and manual unloading.

How It Was Made

Work on the truck dump platforms began in February of 2017. The units were primarily made of structural steel and deck plate. Swanton Welding was then able to use a variety of fabrication methods to custom build the platforms to meet the client’s specific needs.

Long Trailer for Truck Dump outside Swanton Facility

The project fabrication process included:


The units were sandblasted and painted with a High Solids paint system. All un-welded joints were caulked to keep water from getting in.

Project Stats

These truck dump platforms are massive. Each one measures in at 92-feet long and 16-feet wide. They both come in at seven feet in height, and weigh 54,000 lbs.

(That’s 27 tons!)

Due to the large nature of the finished project, a special trailer, permits, and escorts were needed for delivery. From start to finish, the entire project took around four months.

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