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Our Main Fabrication Shop and Main Facility is located in Swanton, Ohio.

Each fabrication involves many different processing methods and techniques, which are executed by all of our certified and trained welders. Our in house CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) ensures every one of our welders is certified and trained in a variety of different welding processes. As a result, every project completed efficiently and is guaranteed to have the utmost quality.

The Main Facility is also equipped with overhead cranes which assist workers with heaving lifting and handling the material. This increases worker safety, one of the top priorities at Swanton Welding.

The structural steel division includes a five step beam line that not only increases the speed and efficiencies of structural steel projects, but provides the quality and competitive price Swanton Welding is known for. The CNC machine shop containing our Mazaks, OKKs, and boring mill among many other items which also maximizes high run parts.

The truck bed manufacturing building utilizes the overhead crane through the process of modifying a chassis with a precise cut. The specific attention to detail results in a very structurally sound bed for the customer.

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