Swanton Welding Elevates Safety Standards with Lancaster Safety

Every day at Swanton Welding we arrive at work ready to once again perform at the highest possible level to serve your metal fabrication needs. No matter what the task at hand may be, though, there is one thing that is never far from our minds – safety.

Swanton Welding, a custom steel fabricator in Toledo, Ohio, puts pride in their work force and encourages safety first.Dedication to keeping our work environment as safe as possible is the thread that runs through everything we do. It’s the main reason behind our partnership with Lancaster Safety. We recognize that above all else, the well-being of our staff is paramount to everything else we are doing. We contract with Lancaster Safety to ensure Swanton Welding is going above and beyond in our safety measures. They help us provide the resources necessary to manage, control, or eliminate possible occupational safety and health hazards on the job.

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We know that a company’s safety record may not be the first thing a customer considers when choosing a team to complete their project. Focusing on safety allows us to deliver those other key tangibles, keeping projects on time and our internal costs down.

Safety & Health Programs

Between Lancaster Safety’s innovation in workplace safety practices, and Swanton’s dedication to providing the best possible environment for our employees to work, we have developed a number of safety programs specific to our company. Swanton has developed over 32 such programs with Lancaster Safety’s help, all customized to specifically address safety needs within our company. Among the safety training programs that get reviewed and updated annually are:

  • Blood-borne Pathogens
  • Hazard Communication
  • OSHA Inspection Guidelines
  • Welding, Cutting, and Hot Work
  • Arc Flash Safety
  • Fall Protection
  • Hexavalent Chromium

All our current safety training sessions are administered on-site by Lancaster Safety’s experienced team of experts. Lancaster also offers a library of other safety training through its website.

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On-Site Inspections & Services at Your Steel Fabrication Shop

In addition to ensuring our employees are trained on the most cutting-edge safety practices, Lancaster also keeps our workplace safe with periodic on-site inspections. Not only can their experts recognize possible safety hazards before they become real problems, but Lancaster’s team can also offer solutions to help mitigate the risks inherent with welding and metal fabrication.

Those on-site inspections by Lancaster help us keep our approach to safety sharp. Having a fresh set of experienced eyes on our operation keeps us confident that our workplace safety is at its highest level.

Besides on-site training, Lancaster also provides a number of services to our team on-site that help us keep safety a high priority. Lancaster provides Swanton with on-site fit testing, making sure that respirators are fitted properly and well-maintained. Our forklift operation evaluations are another example of how Lancaster is ensuring our team is operating safely inside our facilities. 

Lancaster also helps us maintain our safety data sheet information. Having a complete and accurate snapshot of our dangerous chemicals and how to effectively store, clean, and dispose of them is invaluable to our goal of a consistently safe and healthy workplace.

OSHA Compliance And Your Steel Fabricator

Lancaster also provides expertise to Swanton Welding through their OSHA compliance services. By staying informed of changes and updates in OSHA best practices, Lancaster keeps us ahead of the safety game as well. Whenever we have a safety question or issue come up at Swanton, Lancaster’s team of experts is ready to advise us on best practices, and how we can make sure we are not just compliant with OSHA, but going above and beyond for our team.

Lancaster’s team is also there to help us navigate the OSHA inspection process, communicating with OSHA directly, and guiding us on record-keeping and reporting. At Swanton, providing a safe workplace environment for our steel fabrication team to thrive is equivalent to the service we provide our customers. By teaming up with Lancaster Safety, we’ve been able to elevate our safety game, providing numerous benefits to our customers, our company, and our employees.

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When it comes to safety in metal fabricating, Swanton has once again taken the lead in our industry, pairing with Lancaster Safety to make sure our facilities continue to run at peak levels of safety, precision, and efficiency. Let’s talk about your next project today.