Fabricating Large Water Storage Tanks

water storage tank with access ladder.

There are many options to consider when fabricating a large water storage tank, and most of them are based on the needs of your facility. Water storage tanks can be used to store bulk water on your farm or in your factory. Regardless of your needs, it is important to understand how these tanks are built and how they can benefit you.

What Kind of Water Storage Tanks are There?

Large water tanks are used for clean water or waste water. Types of water tanks that could be used for storage are irrigation tanks, pressure vessels, inflammable waste traps, large air receivers, sump basins, hot water storage tanks, hydropneumatic tanks, shilled water storage tanks, sprinkler tanks, and process tanks.

Typically, these types of tanks are made of carbon steel as water cisterns that are custom-built to meet your water storage needs. Here are some other examples of water storage tanks and how they are fabricated.

Corrugated Steel Water Tanks

A corrugated tank offers the largest space for water storage. These tanks are made up of corrugated steel and can be assembled once they arrive at your location. They are convenient because they are easy to take apart and move to another location if need be.

Large Bladder Tanks

Bladder tanks are used to store water for a short period of time. These tanks are flexible, and rise and fall based on the amount of water being stored in them. Bladder tanks can fold up when not being used, and are easy to store.

Plastic and Steel Large Water Tanks

Plastic and steel water tanks can be custom-made depending on your water storage needs. These tanks can be manufactured to be above or below ground, and are typically used for large amounts of water storage.

How are They Made?

Large water storage tank manufacturers will meet with you to discuss the needs of your project. If you have specifications of your needs already, they can help determine the best size and shape of your water tank. If you are not sure of your specifications, they can work with you to determine the exact needs of your tank.

Once the needs of your tank have been decided, the tank design will be sent to a machinist who will cast the custom design of your tank. This cast is then used to form your finished tank. The cast is sent to a plastic or steel manufacturer, depending on what materials you choose to use for your project.

The plastic or steel is molded into the shape of your water storage tank. The tank is then ready to be installed for usage at your facility.

How to Choose the Right Tank

If you are trying to determine the right water storage tank for the needs of your home, facility, or business, there are a few factors to consider. The various materials that can be used to create water storage tanks all meet different needs. Plastic is lightweight, but may not have a long lifespan. Steel is also lightweight and easy to transport. Both can be custom-made to fit a variety of sizes.

Meeting with heavy fabrication specialists will help to determine the best option for your water storage needs. They are experts on these types of tanks and know exactly what will work for your project.

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