Why Paint Finishing is Important for Indoor Fabrication Projects

applying paint coating with hand sprayer.

When creating indoor fabrication products, not much time is spent focused on the aesthetics. Nothing can ruin a design scheme more than steel or metal. Giving a paint finish to your fabrication projects allows you to choose a color that matches your design scheme, while still meeting your machinery needs.

Safety Features

Exposed metal on indoor fabrication projects pose a danger to those living or working near it. Over time, the metal can start to corrode. Once this process begins, parts of the metal may break, leaving sharp pieces that can be harmful.

Painting your fabrication gives your project an extra layer of protection from any elements that may cause it to corrode. The extra layer of protection will extend the life of your indoor fabrication and give you peace-of-mind that it is safe.

Decorative Aspects

Painting your indoor fabrications gives you the opportunity to take risks in your design choices. Most people expect these fabrications to remain metal, but paint can transform their look. It gives you the freedom to add a pop of color or choose something more natural that will allow the fabrication to blend with the rest of the design.

Here are some things you should consider before deciding what type of paint to use.

Paint Sheen

You may have limited selections of paint colors and sheens for your fabrication project. Different sheens of paint will last longer than others. Determine how much traffic will be near your project to help decide which sheen to use. High gloss paints withstand more traffic and last longer.

Embrace New Colors

An indoor fabrication project may be a chance for you to broaden your color horizons. Don’t be afraid to try something new and make your space stand out. Pops of color on things like indoor fabrications can bring a new focal point to the space and give you more color options to decorate with.

Effect the Mood of the Space

Color psychology experts claim certain colors affect people’s mood, so keep this in mind when choosing a color. Red raises a room’s energy level. Yellow brings joy and sunshine to the space. Blue is calming and relaxing. Consider the energy you’d like to bring to the space when deciding on a paint color.

Methods to Paint Your Indoor Fabrications

Depending on the size of your fabrications, you may need a professional to paint the project for you. If you have smaller fabrications, you may be able to paint them on your own. Determine the type of metal you will be painting and determine what type of pretreatments you need.

Priming your metal surfaces is important. If your metal is not galvanized, use a wire brush or scruff pad to get any excess rust off the metal. Galvanized metal needs to be washed to remove any oily residue that may be on it. Most paint companies offer an acrylic metal primer that will need to be put on before you paint your final color.

Find a Professional for Larger Projects

If you are having an indoor fabrication built, speak with the technicians who are building it to determine if it is possible for them to paint your project. Most companies offer metal painting and blasting services. These services use the most up-to-date painting technologies to cover your project completely, giving it a high-quality, finished look.

Download Capability Statement

Swanton Welding offers metal painting services that use a deluxe painting booth. This booth allows airflow to help with contamination control, which ensures the finished product has the best paint quality. Contact them today to discuss the specifications of your project and if their painting technology can meet your needs.